My buddy Lance is a great writer. He and I had a delicious cup of coffee one day and swapped some stories. He later sent over his version of our time together.

Standing in the fog a boy hides in place.  Robert Robbins had an early fascination with light. When he got his hands on his first camera, a simple 12 shot Kodak disk camera, he started using it to tell stories. Because of the cost of film, his parents weren’t too happy with him burning up disks full of photos, but he had found a passion in photography.

His first professional camera was a Nikon 2020 which he used on his first freelance photography job.

Robert followed his passions, shooting photos of his skateboard friends, shooting bands, and doing on-set photography for films. Through his practice of studying photography and with the help of some great mentors, when he took his first college photography class he was told to ignore the lesson plan and shoot what he wanted. As long as he turned in his photos every week he would get an “A” in the class. The instructor didn’t have anything more to teach him.

Playing with light, Robert uses his camera to tell a story and illuminate the shadows.